Given the expertise of Biogazelle in the lncRNA field, we have a number of services that might be of interest to Cardiolinc members. For example:

  • we designed qPCR assays for a large amount of lncRNAs
  • we developed an extended reference transcriptome for RNA seq data processing allowing enriched transcript annotation of long non-coding genes
  • we have some dedicated data analysis tools including decodeRNA (for non-coding RNA function prediction) and LNCarta (database of lncRNA functions)
  • we offer total RNA sequencing on FFPE and FF tissue; lncRNA capture sequencing on plasma is under development

Those services are offered as service for a fee. We are open to discuss specific agreements for Cardiolinc members.

In addition, we can discuss collaborations in projects (preferable as subcontractor) and are open to give input on the projects based on our expertise. Furthermore, we can also give scientific and technology seminars.