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Non-Coding RNA: Recent Insights into the Mechanisms of Action

  • Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh Edinburgh UK (map)

A Biochemical Society Focused Meeting

With recent exciting discoveries being made around the biological scope and mechanisms of actions for ncRNA molecules which impacts research into development and disease, this meeting couldn’t be more timely.

Synthesising state-of-the-art insights that span across next-generation sequencing, functional genomics and ncRNA manipulation, this meeting aims to broaden your understanding of the mechanisms behind ncRNA’s regulation of cellular pathways. We will discuss the analyses of transcriptomic data, experiments for linking ncRNAs sequences and structure to functions, whilst addressing approaches to bridge the gap between the large number of ncRNAs identified in various species, and the lack of well-defined functions for ncRNAs.

We invite scientists to submit an abstract and register who have common interests in ncRNA biology with topics spanning from functional discoveries of ncRNA to the novel techniques used to uncover ncRNA function, including the role ncRNA in disease, in order to create a meeting that will provide a forum to integrate novel findings, enhance previously proposed models of ncRNA function and generate new testable and publishable hypotheses.

Abstract deadline: 24 March 2017
Abstract submission is now open

Early bird registration deadline: 24 March 2017

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