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Fadi Charchar

Professor Fadi Charchar has been undertaking exciting research about the role of the Y chromosome in hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

"Our research seeks to discover the genes that cause heart and artery diseases, which are the most common cause of death and disability worldwide. It is known that there exists a sexual dimorphism in the incidence and prevalence of coronary artery disease - men are more commonly affected than women - so we are particularly concerned with the sex chromosomes and their relation to coronary artery disease in the context of this sexual inequity."


Professor Fadi Charchar’s group focuses on the genomics and epigenetics of complex disease. This includes the genetics of hypertension, sexual dimorphism of cardiovascular risk, and the contribution of exercise to genomic changes.

Selected publications on lncRNA

Epigenetic Modifications in Essential Hypertension
Wise IA, Charchar FJInt J Mol Sci. 2016, 17(4):451.

The emerging role of non-coding RNA in essential hypertension and blood pressure regulation
Marques FZ, Booth SA, Charchar FJJ Hum Hypertens. 2015, 29(8):459-67.


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