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Carlo Gaetano

My laboratory is currently focused on the understanding  of  molecular  cues at the basis of epigenetic memory and metabolic alterations in human patients undergoing major cardiac surgery. Special attention is given to the metabolomics profile of those metabolites important for epigenetic processes including DNA methylation and subsequent modification of methylated cytosines including formation of hydroxymethyl‐, formyl‐ and carboxyl‐cytosine. These modifications are currently determined in cardiac biopsies, in isolated cardiac auricles, in isolated primary cardiac fibroblasts and in peripheral blood samples. In addition, I started the characterization of a number of new epigenetically active molecules targeting epigenetic enzymes important for DNA methylation control including DNA methyl transferases and DNA demethylases alias Ten‐Eleven‐Translocation proteins (TETs). Specific aim of this research activity is to understand the potential application of novel small molecule pro‐drugs to relevant human cardiovascular diseases and cardiovascular risk factors including metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

Selected publications on lncRNA

Implication of Long noncoding RNAs in the endothelial cell response to hypoxia revealed by RNA-sequencing
Voellenkle C, Garcia-Manteiga JM, Pedrotti S, Perfetti A, De Toma I, Da Silva D, Maimone B, Greco S, Fasanaro P, Creo P, Zaccagnini G, Gaetano CMartelli FSci Rep. 2016, 6:24141.

Long noncoding RNA dysregulation in ischemic heart failure
Greco S, Zaccagnini G, Perfetti A, Fuschi P, Valaperta R, Voellenkle C, Castelvecchio S, Gaetano C, Finato N, Beltrami AP, Menicanti L, Martelli FJ Transl Med. 2016, 14(1):183.

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