Hannover Medical School

Experimental Cardiology


Jörg Heineke

Joerg Heineke received is MD degree in 2000 from the Hannover Medical School in Germany. After combined clinical and experimental work until 2003, he worked as postdoctoral fellow with Jeff Molkentin at Cincinnati Children´s hospital in the US from 2004-2008. From the 2009-2012 he was junior group leader at the Hannover Medical School, before becoming associate professor for Experimental Cardiology (Heisenberg Professorship of the DFG) in 2012. His research focuses on unraveling molecular mechanisms of cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure, including the identification of translational strategies. Within another focus area, his laboratory interrogates the impact of intercellular communication and its impact for cardiac adaptation and regeneration.


  • Molecular mechanisms of cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure with a focus on signalling circuits and regulation of protein synthesis
  • Unraveling intercellular communication in the heart and its transcriptional regulation during cardiac ischemia, pressure overload and neonatal heart regeneration. A special focus is placed on the interaction between endothelial cells and cardiomyocytes.


  • Adult and neonatal mouse and rat cardiomyocyte isolation and culture.
  • Isolation and culturing of different cardiac cell types and co-culture models
  • Adenoviral vectors
  • Mouse genetics and phenotyping
  • RNA-pull down assays, RIP
  • All general molecular biology and histology techniques

Interested in collaborating on

  • RNA/Protein interaction mapping
  • Mapping of lncRNA secondary structures
  • Bioinformatics input
  • Optimization of GapmeR technology
  • General experience with lncRNA
  • Collaborative European grants


Carl-Neuberg-Str. 1
30625 Hannover