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Research and innovation are recognised as crucial facilitators for the development and continuous improvement of the care for our patients. Hence, we strive to build up research activities and to enter into fruitful collaborations in clinical and translational research, and precision medicine.

The Hôpitaux Robert Schuman is the largest hospital group in Luxembourg. 300 doctors and more than 2200 employees provide modern, high qualitative care to more than 32.000 hospitalized patients per year. The hospital group provides services in all surgical and non-surgical disciplines including a medical-cardiological as well as an anaesthesiologic-surgical intensive care unit, a central multidisciplinary emergency room, emergency ambulance and helicopter site, robotic surgery (DaVinci and MAKO), high-performance laboratory with blood bank and 24 hour provision, a modern radiological unit equipped with 3 computer tomographs, 2 magnetic resonance tomographs (including cardio-MRT) and fully digitalized angiography-unit.


The Hôpitaux Robert Schuman are the biggest provider of hospital health care in Luxembourg, with clinical activities offered in six major clinical departments: internal medicine, visceral-oncology, orthopedics, gynecology-obstetrics, geriatry, psychiatry. The hospital group provides the highest surgical activity in Luxembourg, as well as an important part of the medical offer in cardiovascular medicine. The Hôpitaux Robert Schuman are a certified center for vascular medicine (accredited by the German Society for Vascular Surgery), regrouping activities in vascular surgery, angiology and diabetology. A Diabetes Clinic takes care of more than 2000 diabetic patients, including type I, type II, gestational diabetes, and treatment by insulin pump, as well as a Foot Clinic and Hyperbaric Treatment of Chronic Ulcers and Wounds. The Department of Nephrology includes a Certified Excellence Center for Hypertension and offers the whole spectrum of treatment of acute an chronic kidney diseases, including pre- and post-kidney transplantation care. The Department of Cardiology offers the whole spectrum of non-invasive cardiac imaging and takes care of all acute and chronic cardiac pathologies, in cooperation with the National Heart Center for Interventional Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery.

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As a major provider of healthcare in Luxembourg, the hospital receives a large fraction of Luxembourgish patients. Collaboration could involve but is not limited to chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease cohorts.

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