Institute of Cellular Biology and Pathology "Nicolae Simionescu"

Lipidomics Department


Maya Simionescu

The major scientific program of the ICBP “Nicolae Simionescu” is focused on the cell and molecular biology of the cardiovascular system in health and disease. Our strategy includes: 

  • in vivo and in vitro experiments to uncover the pathobiochemical alterations occurring in the heart and blood vessels leading to atherosclerosis, diabetes, metabolic syndrome;

  • to translate the knowledge from "bench to bedside"

  • find means for prevention, early diagnosis, better therapeutic control, and ultimately cure of these diseases.

One of our recent research topics concerns the molecular mechanisms involved in the miRNA-mediated regulation of coronary artery disease related to the lipoproteins metabolism dysfunction, in patients and hyperlipidemic animals.


Lipid metabolism in health and disease (dyslipidemia in diabetes, atherosclerosis and obesity): cellular and molecular biology of lipoproteins (Lp), dysfunctional HDL, entero-hepatic metabolism of lipoproteins, in vivo and in vitro modification of LDL, transport of lipoproteins across the vascular endothelium, interaction of Lp with the cells of the arterial wall, cellular cholesterol efflux, implication in atheroma formation.

Cellular biology and biochemistry of blood vessels: heart and cardiac valves in pathological conditions, biochemical and biophysical modifications in atherogenesis, diabetes and obesity, experimental animal models of atherosclerosis.

Genetic mechanisms of atherosclerosis: functional analysis of miRNAs, identification and validation of specific miRNAs target genes, microarray technique, gene polymorphisms.

In vivo experimental cardiovascular diseases models: diet-induced hyperlimidemic hamster, apoE-KO mice, echocardiography, in vivo imaging (IVIS).

Interested in collaborating on

Non-coding microarray and RNAseq bioinformatic analysis.


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