International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

Cardiovascular Biology


Serena Zacchigna

Research projects aim to identify the mechanisms by which the various cell types composing the cardiovascular system interact and communicate during development and disease. Particular interest is dedicated to the cross-talk between endothelial cells, immune cells (regulatory T cells and monocytes), stem cells (mesenchymal stromal cells) and cardiomyocoytes. Thanks to established collaborations with multiple clinical units, the laboratory is particularly dedicated to the use of cellular and animal models of human diseases, as well as of viral and non-viral gene transfer approaches, to eventually develop novel therapeutic approaches for tissue revascularization and cancer treatment.

A second interest of the Group is in the field of low-power laser therapy, where the major interest is in understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the anti-inflammatory and pro-angiogenic effect of laser therapy.


  • Gene therapy

  • AAV vectors

  • Angiogenesis

  • Animal models of cardiac diseases

  • miRNAs

Interested in collaborating on

  • lncRNAs

  • Large animals


99 Padriciano
Area di Ricerca, Trieste, 34149