KU Leuven

Department of Cardiovascular Sciences, Laboratory of Experimental Cardiology


Llewelyn Roderick

We aim to understand how the epigenome, including long non-coding and microRNAs, contributes to determining and maintaining the phenotype of the adult cardiac myocyte and how degradation/remodelling of the adult cardiac myocyte epigenome underlies phenotypic changes associated with disease and ageing.


  • Gene expression analysis
  • Cardiac myocyte nuclei isolation
  • Epigenomics
  • Small rodent modeling of cardiovascular disease and cardiac imaging
  • Cardiac myocyte electrophysiology and calcium signalling

Interested in collaborating on

We are open to collaboration in all aspects of our work – most notably to gain greater expertise in analysis of deep RNA sequencing data to identify novel transcripts relevant to cardiac biology and disease.

Also structural (RNA) biology expertise – understanding/modelling secondary structures and interactomes.

Selected publications on lncRNA

Lnc'ing Ca2+, SERCA and cardiac disease
Vervliet T, Robinson ELRoderick HLCell Calcium. 2018, 72:132-134.