The Cardiolinc Meeting 2016 - Call to Action

This was an annual meeting for all Cardiolinc members and partners that happened during the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Rome, for which many members attended and presented their work.

The Meeting was a networking event to bring as many Cardiolinc members together as possible. An update on the Cardiolinc's activities and goals was presented, including the preparation of our COST Action. To learn more about the Action, follow this link.

Cardiolinc's partner Affymetrix was represented by Tony Schweitzer and Wouter Stevens, who introduced the new Clariom D assay, a new transcriptome profiling solution. This assay allows to detect genes, exons and alternative splicing events that give rise to coding and long non-coding RNA isoforms and is available with an exclusive discount for Cardiolinc members.

We appreciate the discussions and invaluable contribution during the Meeting. Hope to see you all in future meetings!