Open Postdoctoral researcher position at Technical University in Munich

Technical University of Munich, Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology.png

A postdoctoral position is available at the Vascular Biology laboratory at the Technical University in Munich, led by Lars Maegdenfessel. The project, which is funded by the ERC Starting Grant NORVAS and the German Center for Cardiovascular Research Center (DZHK), aims to investigate the role and function of long non-coding RNAs and circular RNAs in vascular disease development and progression.

The main diseases in focus are aortic aneurysms and advanced atherosclerosis/plaque vulnerability. The lab is particularly interested in smooth muscle cell biology, and how non-coding RNAs control cell fate decisions. RNA sequencing and single cell analysis in disease-relevant human tissue specimens of the Munich Vascular Biobank have already identified several candidate ncRNAs, which will now be functionally assessed in experimental in vitro and in vivo models (including a novel preclinical model using genetically mutated mini-pigs).