New COST Action involves 6 Cardiolinc members


Novel therapies to treat heart failure that usually follows acute myocardial infarction, the leading cause of death and disability in the world, are needed since there is no effective therapy in place. Although active research to find cardioprotective therapies, a great challenge is to translate such findings to the clinic, benefitting patients. Thus, the COST Action CARDIOPROTECTION will address this challenge by creating an expert pan-European Research Network to develop original strategies to translate cardioprotective therapies into the clinical setting.

COST (CO-operation in Science and Technology) is a framework dedicated to networking activities for European researchers, enabling them to jointly develop their ideas and initiatives. A COST Action is a science and technology network with a duration of 4 years and a minimum participation of 5 COST Member Countries. Launched in July 2017, CARDIOPROTECTION already counts with participants from 27 countries and 6 of these are Cardiolinc members: