Announcing the launch of Cardiolinc as a non-profit organization

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We are proud to announce the launch of Cardiolinc™ as a non-profit organization (NPO), registered in Luxembourg this November 6th. The Cardiolinc network mission is to understand the role of regulatory RNAs in cardiovascular disease and engage in collaborative research to drive the development and growth of precision medicine. To deal with the complexity of cardiovascular disease and the challenges of precision medicine, Cardiolinc decided to expand its original mission to focus not only on long-noncoding RNA but on all regulatory RNAs.

Since its creation in 2014, on the belief that long non-coding RNA research in cardiovascular disease could move faster by collaboration, the network has served as a platform to connect scientists worldwide from multiple disciplines. Through Cardiolinc, these researchers and clinicians are able to find one another, exchange knowledge, share ideas, and build projects towards a common goal, fight the main killer in the world.

With the development of new technologies, it is easier to unravel new knowledge, but it gets increasingly difficult for scientists to conduct groundbreaking research individually. This scenario creates both the opportunity and need for collaboration. Cardiolinc aims to coordinate and facilitate this process. It finds openings of funding and supports its members to overcome the challenges of multidisciplinary collaboration, creating effective partnerships to bring new therapies to patients sooner, potentially improving the lives of millions of people and reducing healthcare costs.

Despite the ferocious competition in science, collaboration and synergy across disciplines and across academic and industrial organizations can empower groups of researchers. Cardiolinc saw the number of its members double last year alone. At the time of the NPO registration, the network was represented by 66 members and 13 industry partners from backgrounds such as cardiology, genetics, molecular biology, computational science, biobanking, and biospecimen science.

Cardiolinc as an NPO will be able to provide consulting, transfer knowledge and technology via courses or partnering with industry, write recommendations, develop and improve tools for research, and carry out clinical trials.

To overcome the obstacles of achieving breakthrough science and leap science forward to defeat cardiovascular disease, collaborations and synergies between scientists are key. Revolutionary ideas come from thinking creatively across disciplines and being brave to try new solutions to old problems.

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