Blueprint Genetics releases improved reporting of clinical statement

Cardiolinc partner Blueprint Genetics has improved reporting of the clinical statement provided for customers. The clinical statement presents all relevant genetic findings and scientific justification and provides information about the clinical follow-up. It contains detailed case-specific information about testing performance in each patient that allows clinicians to accurately estimate the diagnostic procedure.

As larger panels are used in genetic testing, there might be multiple different types of findings present in a single patient. Ideally, the genetic cause underlying patient’s disease is identified. The improved reporting layout presents the findings in a new and more informative way, where the identified variants are re-organized to more clearly highlight the most important genetic findings.

What's new

  • More informative table
  • Highlighted clinically relative findings 
  • Separately reported additional findings
  • Improved readability
  • More clear coverage plot

Read more and see the sample report.