A top article from the European Journal of Heart Failure is from Cardiolinc members

The article entitled “Circular RNAs in heart failure” was an effort from seven Cardiolinc members from five countries and was highlighted as a top article from the European Journal of Heart Failure in the European Society of Cardiology newsletter. The authors review recent findings about a new member of the RNA family, circular RNA (circRNA), suggesting it might be a group of molecules with potential for therapeutic targets and biomarkers of heart failure.

CircRNAs have been recently discovered and are becoming a research focus among non-coding RNAs. This is not surprising, since their potential for therapy and diagnosis is indicated by their ability to regulate gene expression and by their presence in the bloodstream.

The authors discourse about the current understanding of the biogenesis of circular RNAs and the features that make these molecules interesting to the heart failure community. They also describe the functions of circRNAs in the heart, especially in the failing heart. Furthermore, the Cardiolinc members discuss about recent findings associated with the use of circular RNAs as heart failure biomarkers and suggest directions for future work in the field.


Circular RNAs in heart failure
Devaux Y, Creemers EE, Boon RA, Werfel S, Thum T, Engelhardt S, Dimmeler S, Squire I; Cardiolinc network. Eur J Heart Fail. 2017.