Recap of the Cardiolinc Annual Meeting 2017

The Cardiolinc Annual Meeting (held in Barcelona) had a friendly and supportive atmosphere around afternoon snacks, offered by our sponsor Biogazelle.

The meeting included talks from Dr. Yvan Devaux, Dr. Clarissa P. da C. Gomes, and Prof. Jo Vandesompele. The first two presented updates and highlights of Cardiolinc, the resubmission of a COST Action, and the restructuring of the network into a non-profit organization.

The talk by Prof. Vandesompele was a scientific presentation introducing the work and services provided by Biogazelle, a Ghent University spin-off company, to study lncRNAs in human health and disease.

Two researchers with relevant expertise joined the meeting and became members of the network. Several Cardiolinc members who attended the meeting also actively participated in the European Society of Cardiology Congress with presentations, posters, and as chairpersons.

Thank you for participating and we hope to see you again next year!