Cardiolinc membership fee implementation

With the registration of Cardiolinc as a non-profit organization last November, the network restructured some of its processes, including the membership and partnership rules and procedures, and will implement these changes from now on.

To maintain the membership, we will ask each member to pay the annual fee (€20) and fill a membership form with information for the Member Directory, including the consent of its use in view of the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) concerning the storage of personal data.

Below is a full list of what changes and what remains the same.

Practical changes


While Cardiolinc members were represented by research groups, now, full members can be group leaders, researchers, principal investigators or students, for example.

  • The membership applies to individuals;
  • Annual membership fee of €20 for full members;
  • Membership is free for graduate students;
  • The membership benefits are listed in this link.


  • Partners are public or private companies or institutions;
  • A partnership agreement will be proposed to our current partners within the next months.


  • Only the name and affiliation of each member will be available to the public;
  • The detailed information of each member collected through the membership form is available only to members at the Member Directory;
  • Upon confirmation of the membership fee payment or agreement of partnership, the members and partners will receive an invitation to create a personal account;
  • Members and partners will log in to their personal account to access the information and resources exclusive for members and partners (e.g. Member Directory).


  • Will be exclusive to members and partners;
  • You can still unsubscribe at any time.

Board of Directors

  • Members can stand for or elect the Board of Directors who will coordinate Cardiolinc's activities in the following years. 

What stays the same for members and partners

  • Opportunity to post job openings, news and articles on the Cardiolinc website and e-newsletter;
  • Access to events, seminars and workshops organized by Cardiolinc;
  • Free access to the Cardiolinc Annual Meeting with its networking opportunities;
  • Opportunity to participate in multi-center projects;
  • Possibility to contribute to invited review articles;
  • Access to discounts by Cardiolinc's industry partners.