Postdoctoral position in vascular biology and regeneration

Cardiolinc Board Member Prof Costanza Emanueli, British Heart Foundation Chair of Cardiovascular Science, has an open postdoctoral position in her lab at the Imperial College London. The British Heart Foundation (BHF)-funded post research will focus on acellular regenerative strategy, spanning from regulatory RNA to exosomes (endogenous and synthetic). 

The post is expected to contribute to new technological advancement to the team enabling to better their already strong exosome research reaching out to development of synthetic nanoparticles of second generation and improving their delivery systems. RNA biology and/or in vivo work (in murine myocardial ischemia models) are also areas of high interest and would fit well in the role.

Prof Emanueli is looking for future leaders and willing to mentor their research careers. The winning candidate will need to show a strong potential (capability, personality, focus, long-term commitment and previous achievements commensurate to the years of active research) to progress toward externally funded positions. He/she will have equally shown to be a good team player and work under coordination of the PI, supporting her wider programme of research.

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