Involve your business


Corporate partnerships

When you support Cardiolinc, you support the fight against the main killer worldwide, cardiovascular disease. We believe in doing breakthrough research to develop personalized tools for diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment for cardiovascular disease and to bring them faster to patients.

We are open to partnerships with businesses from the private and public sectors, both profit and not-for-profit.

If your business involves research

A partnership could include collaborations in projects, particularly in translational research, scientific seminars, and discounts. We help you reach your company goals, target audience, and marketing objectives. Contact us for more information.

If your business believes in fighting/preventing cardiovascular disease

By working together, we help you strengthen your business while your resources and outreach positively contribute to support scientists who are looking for ways to improve the lives of millions of cardiovascular disease patients. Below are some ways to get involved:

  • Corporate or foundation contribution
  • Sponsorship of Cardiolinc events (e.g., meetings, workshops)
  • Educational activities and resources
  • Public awareness actions
  • Marketing campaign around Cardiolinc's mission (launching a program with Cardiolinc can help your employees and encourage consumers to support your business while contributing to our mission). For example:
    • Message-focused campaign: use your business or organization resources to raise public awareness about cardiovascular health and disease prevention.
    • Digital: your company can conduct web-based and social media campaigns.
    • Point of sale: give your customer an opportunity to donate to Cardiolinc at the register.
  • Employee engagement
    • Support your employees wellness by promoting health education and active lifestyle with a Cardiolinc program.
    • Conducting a workplace giving campaign to support Cardiolinc.
    • Host a third-party fundraising event to benefit Cardiolinc.
  • We welcome your ideas and will work with you to design a program that reflects your company’s goals.

Contact us for more information.