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Klaus Tschira Institute for Integrative Computational Cardiology

Department of Internal Medicine III - Section of Bioinformatics and Systems Cardiology


Christoph Dieterich

Post-transcriptional network analysis is one necessary building block to advance our understanding of cardiovascular health and disease. The Dieterich Lab works on a number of computational and statistical methods to elucidate processes and mechanisms at RNA and protein level.

Our current research agenda strengthens RNA topics in a cardio-vascular context and expands into the emerging field of Integrative Computational Cardiology, which integrates and jointly models different data sources for personalized medical approaches. Ultimately, we want to understand how variations between individuals (genetic, lifestyle) lead to different phenotypic outcomes.


Computational RNA Biology

  • RNA modifications
  • RNA splicing and 3’ end formation
  • RNA stability and translation
  • RNA-RNA and RNA-Protein interactions
  • ncRNAs (lncRNAs and circular RNAs in particular)
  • Bio-medical web applications and databases

Medical Data integration and dissemination

  • Systems cardiology by gene network analysis
  • Bio-medical web applications and databases

Selected publications on lncRNA

Profiling and Validation of the Circular RNA Repertoire in Adult Murine Hearts
Jakobi T, Czaja-Hasse LF, Reinhardt R, Dieterich CGenomics Proteomics Bioinformatics. 2016, 14(4):216-23.

Specific identification and quantification of circular RNAs from sequencing data
Cheng J, Metge F, Dieterich C. Bioinformatics. 2016, 32(7):1094-6.



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