University Medical Center Utrecht

Department of Cardiology


Linda W. van Laake

We explore novel approaches to regenerate the heart using stem- and progenitor cells. A focus on the understanding of fundamental cardiac developmental – and repair processes will promote the recapitulation of cardiac differentiation in vitro. Currently, the team is investigating the influence of circadian or “day-night” rhythms on cardiac development and regeneration. Combining a variety of innovative approaches together with a greater understanding of how heart development and repair work, we strive to create better personalized heart failure therapies.


Circadian rhythms, clock genes, heart failure, embryonic and adult stem cells, reprogramming, mouse models

Interested in collaborating on

Various types of collaboration, such as on heart failure research, bioinformatics

Selected publications on ncRNA and cardiovascular disease

Epigenomic and transcriptomic approaches in the post-genomic era: path to novel targets for diagnosis and therapy of the ischaemic heart? Position Paper of the European Society of Cardiology Working Group on Cellular Biology of the Heart
Perrino C, Barabási AL, Condorelli G, Davidson SM, De Windt LDimmeler S, Engel FB, Hausenloy DJ, Hill JA, Van Laake LW, Lecour S, Leor J, Madonna R, Mayr M, Prunier F, Sluijter JPG, Schulz R, Thum T, Ytrehus K, Ferdinandy PCardiovasc Res. 113(7):725-736, 2017.


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