University of Basel and University Hospital

Basel Department of Biomedicine and Division of Cardiology


Gabriela Kuster Pfister

A major interest of our laboratory is to decipher signaling and gene regulatory networks that are involved in tissue homeostasis and cell replacement in the heart, and their regulation and roles in ischemic injury and cancer drug toxicity. Our goal is to improve the mechanistic understanding of post-ischemic cardiomyopathy and cancer drug cardiotoxicity in a translational context and to contribute to the identification of novel targets to strengthen intrinsic regeneration pathways for treatment of heart failure. 


In vivo models of ischemic, metabolic and cancer drug-associated cardiomyopathies in mice; conventional and deformation echocardiography in mice; P/V loops in mice; isolation, culturing, differentiation and modification of mouse cardiac side population progenitor cells; transcriptomic profiling (NGS) of cells and tissue and correlation with cell- and organ-level functional analyses.

Access to patient blood/plasma samples.

Interested in collaborating on

Computational big data analyses (network and pathway analyses), non-coding RNAs (lnc, micro), zebrafish model of cardiac injury/ischemia.


Hebelstrasse 20
Basel 4031