University of Brescia


Marco Metra

Our research group is directed by Prof. Marco Metra and is located at the Institute of Cardiology at Spedali Civili of Brescia, Italy. The staff is currently composed by Carlo Lombardi MD who is a clinical researcher in cardiology, Valentina Carubelli MD who is preforming a PhD in clinical pharmacology, Elio Gorga MD and Ivano Bonadei MD who are cardiologists involved in clinical research and international clinical trials, and Laura Rossi and Daria Savoldi PhD who have experience in basic research and coordinate clinical trials. In our institute we have also 30 fellows in cardiology who are involved in several clinical research projects. Our main field of interest is heart failure with particular attention to the clinical management of the disease in the acute phase.


Our group has a long experience in clinical research in the field of heart failure. We participated to several international clinical trials and we are experinced in drug development and in designing clinical protocols. In particular our research focused on the pathophysiological mechanisms, clinical aspects, and treatment of acute heart failure. We also worked on the clinical and the prognostic significance of biomarkers and imaging techniques, namely echocardiography in heart failure.

Interested in collaborating on

We believe that the cooperation with Cardiolinc will wide our opportunities to better study the pathphysiological mechanisms underlying heart failure and myocardial dysfunction. We also believe that joining Cardiolinc network will be a great opportunity to cooperate with excellent national and international partners to design novel research projects that in the future may lead to valuable advances in heart failure treatment.

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