University of Florida

Department of Emergency Medicine


Sarah Gul, MD
Research intern

My primary project assesses early biomarkers of brain injury in patients resuscitated from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (PMID: 28735650).. I developed the study protocol (NCT03112486). I coordinate the study by attending to out-of-hospital cardiac arrest cases that present to the Emergency Department, collecting pre-hospital data from EMS, and following up with patients who are successfully resuscitated for up to 6 days. Most recently, I started up a retrospective review of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest incidences within the county by merging data from a local EMS database with in-hospital records to identify geographic and clinical variables that affect outcome. Another retrospective review I am conducting analyzes the prognostic utility of serum lactate in post-arrest patients.

Additionally, I am spearheading a quality improvement project of improving outcomes post-cardiac arrest by setting up a cardiac arrest registry within the institution, as well as several community-based project that are trying to study barriers to implementation of bystander CPR.


Research in neuroprognostication post-cardiac arrest

Interested in collaborating on

Interested in extending my network with other collaborators who may be  studying out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, collaborating on trials/ studies, as well as exploring the role of non-coding RNAs in prognostication post-arrest.

Prognostic biomarker point-of-care system discovery and implementation.

  • Sample processing
  • Multi-site study initiatives
  • Peer review of scientific protocols

Selected publications on ncRNA and cardiovascular disease

MicroRNAs as potential prognosticators of neurological outcome in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients
Gul SS, Huesgen K, Wang KK, Tyndall JA. Biomark Med. 2017, 11(12):1113-1123.