University of Parma


Sofia Beghi, PhD Student

I am a PhD student and I am really interested in cardiovascular disease. I did an internship at the Northeast Ohio Medical University in Cleveland (U.S.). “Role of CAMKK1 in improving cardiac function after myocardial infarction” (Supervisors: Dott. Marc Penn). During this period I examined whether the exosomes of mesenchymal stem with the over-expression of the protein CAMKK1 improve the cardiac functions after myocardial infarction.
Actually I am involved with the Cardiac Surgery of the University of Varese in a project titled “Regulation pathway of calcium: research of genic variants, correlated to AMI, with polymorphism analysis of CAMKK1 gene by method PCR (PCR-RFLP/ PCR-SSP)”.

Now I am going to study the espression of different miRNAs and circRNAs in exosome from blood sample in a case-control study.


  • Recombinant DNA Technology: cloning DNA; restriction enzyme digest; ligation; transformation; colony selection; sequencing; DNA maxiprep; transfection; protein assay; Western blot; RNA extraction; Reverse Trascriptase-PCR.

  • Cells culture; isolation and culture of mesenchymal stem cells from rat bone marrow

  • Exosome isolation and characterization

  • LAD ligation to induce MI; echocardiographic assessment of heart function

  • Ames test

  • Comet test

  • Polymorphism analysis

Interested in collaborating on

Since my interest and love for research and in particulary in the cardiovascular field, I am reading a lot of paper about ncRNA in CVD. In my Phd I am really interested to investigate the expression of different ncRNA in isolated exosome from blood samples in a case-control study. Reading different papers I discover this website and I think could help me during my Phd studies. Cardiolinc represents a concrete opportunity to carry out my passion for cardiovascular research and to consolidate my knowledge in this field.

I am sure that in Cardiolinc I can have the possibiliy to have a lot of information from experts in this field. I also think that this web could increase my knowledge in this field and also five me the opportunity to confront new topics of interest.


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