University of Pittsburg

School of Medicine, Department of Developmental Biology


Maliha Zahid

Our research group is interested in studying the genetic basis of congenital heart disease and the role cilia play in aberrant hedgehog signaling as well as it’s role in breaking symmetryin the developing embryo. My personal interest, in addition to these projects, is to utilize Cardiac targeting Peptide, identified from a combinatorial in vitro and in vivo phage display methodology from my graduate studies days, to target the heart as a trojan horse delivering carges of both diagnpstic and therapeutic potential.


  • Exome sequencing
  • Cell culture
  • Animal models
  • Small animal imaging

Interested in collaborating on

To collaborate in delivering potential therapeutic nucleic acids in animal models of congestive heart failure utilizing cardiac targeting peptide.


530 45th St
8162 Rangos, Research Center
Pittsburgh, PA 15201