William Harvey Research Institute

Clinical Pharmacology


Eithne Maguire
PhD student

I'm currently investigating the molecular pathways responsible for the conversion of adventitial stem/progenitor cells into vascular smooth muscle cells in several models of angioplasty restenosis. I am particularly interested in long non-coding RNAs and their potential therapeutic value as cell specific targets for modulating cell behaviour in disease.

I have been looking for a platform to discuss the most up-to-date work in the field of long non-coding RNAs in cardiovascular disease, and draw on the expertise of some of the most well-respected researchers in this field.


Immunostaining, qPCR, western blotting, gene cloning, cryosectioning/paraffin embedding for sectioning, isolation and cell culture of adventitial stem/progenitor cells and vascular smooth muscle cells, as well as cell culture of HDF, HEK293 and other cell types, femoral artery ligation/injury, carotid artery ligation/injury.

Interested in collaborating on

Insights into new methods of investigating long non-coding RNA function and localisation.